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Re: Todays the day!

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Hi everyone

I’m home now, feeling tired and tender.

I was feeling very positive before the surgery and it all happened very quickly on Friday morning, I was the first down. Mr Slater kindly repaired a hiatus hernia and umbilical hernia he found whilst doing the bypass – that explains all the reflux I was suffering with since having my children. Really feel like a got my money’s worth getting 3 problems solved for the price of 1!

I had porridge for breakfast, cod in white sauce with carrots for lunch and the most delicious mild chicken curry for dinner last night. All blended of course but after 11 days of milkshakes the flavours were most welcome.

I’m getting my hubby to do all those injections we need for the next two weeks. He’s had plenty of experience of injecting sheep and cattle so is quite happy to take it in his stride!

Don’t know about you Neehaa but I don’t feel hungry at all, having said that food has gone down nicely and it is a strange sensation feeling physically full in your oesophagus.

Thanks to all the advice on this forum, I’ve been drinking lots of water and pacing up and down my room trying to help move the air through my intestine and bowels. I’d have to say I’ve suffered worse pain in my life than what I’ve experienced so far, currently taking only paracetamol to manage the dull pain. The day after surgery I felt some pain in my shoulders, just under the collar bones. Mr Slater said it was a strange consequence of having the air pumped into our stomachs, rising the diaphragm and causing some tension; this pain has already eased off.

Anyway, I’ve got some nice pre-prepared salmon for lunch – just waiting for hubby to serve it up and then I’m off for another 40 winks!

I’ll catch up with all you lovelies later…………….Mara x

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