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Re: to early to start chichen ect?

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@Blue Staffy 23918 wrote:

Hi it me again the nuscence i have been trying chicken and fish and when i eat it it feels like my pouch is in a knot and its very painfull and i keep burping realy loud until the pain as gon. im i rushing buy eating these things i do chew chew chew chew chew but it makes no diffrence im 5 weeks, 3 days and 12.5 hours post-op but im not counting lol:smile:

NEVER a nuisance!

I’m going to say the same old thing: everyone is so different that what suits one person might never suit another. As it happens, I have never been able to cope with animal protein since wls so have become a vegetarian. Chicken can be quite fibrous or stringy so often causes problems. I have never eaten fish or pork so can’t comment on them. Red meat is often the worst culprit but then again, I know bypassers who can eat steak!

All I can say personally is: keep trying. Your pouch will let you know when the time is right FOR YOU to eat certain foostuffs. I can eat bread, pasta, and quite a few other things that others find difficult but I can’t eat rice or meat – all so very, very different. Thank goodness eh? It would be boring otherwise lol!

Doodah x

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