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@derlooker 21066 wrote:

I just thought it might be a nice idea to write a few lines to anyone that is waiting for first consultations or Pre op appointments.

The weeks I was waiting seemed like an age and I was constantly searching for useful info.

I am just 5 weeks post op tomorrow and it felt like my wait for my bypass was never ending. (Although it was only 4 months.)

I spent the time researching the different options for surgery, reading books searching the internet, although i wish i had been more cautious with the Internet.

All of the wait time was invaluable. It is a massive step and as Denise our dietician told me, it is imperative that we have time to really think about what we are planning and not just hand over the credit card and go forward.

I attended a support group. I met up with people who were post op.

Plus I prepared all I needed to take to hospital and made up small portions of puréed meals.

Another really useful thing I did was sell lots of old clothes on eBay. As someone whose weight has gone from size 12 to 32 in the past 10 years I had many different sizes in wardrobes and the attic. I am also a bit of a shopperholic :). the money I made helped so much plus I have some put by as the weight comes off. I am already down 3 sizes. I find larger lady clothes go really well on eBay. I guess lots of people like me love clothes but don’t much like changing rooms so prefer to shop online.

Lastly but certainly not leastly I joined two wls forums where I asked questions and made a whole new bunch of wls cyber mates. This was invaluable.

Good luck to anyone who is about to take the leap. My surgeon has given me a shot at a new life. I just can’t wait to grab it with both hands. I had totally lost hope I could ever lose weight. And…. Guess what. It is already happening. Over 2 and a half stones off already.

I would love to hear others stories too.


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Great Post. Thank you so much for sharing it x

Doodah x

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