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Re: Tips before surgery – must have items

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Hi Paul. I’m a bypasser three years out and my social life has never been better! If you are telling people what you have had done it’s easy peasy as they will all want to help you. If you are not going to tell anyone you will be surprised how little attention they will pay to what you eat! As for booze, it’s best avoided for quite a while. It’s calorific and you will get drunk very very quickly which could cause you to make poorer foood choices (and be over the legal limit to drink.)

I went to a wedding recently and the people who didn’t know me had no idea that I only ate the starter and didn’t drink more than one glass of wine all day. They just thought I was a tea addict! I had a couple of glasses of champagne which i left to go slightly flat and sipped tiny sips. I was so busy having a fantastic day with old friends I even forgot I’d had surgery myself – the ultimate accolade to a job well done by the surgeons.

Sugar free syrups are the biggest life savers on the pre-op diet. Lattes and milkshakes are seldom boring are they?

Good luck and keep in touch

Doodah x

ps Who, when and where re: your op?!

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