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Re: Tips before surgery – must have items

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Hi Paul,

It would be crazy prepairing lots of foods for after the op, most of it would waste away or have to be frown away.
A little, is all you will need for the first week or two….. a regular can of soup would do you 2 or 3 sittings depending on your restriction…(true) Ready made meals like cottage pie and the likes were a blessing for me just 3 days out (bypass)…. havng left hospital on chessy mash, their was never really a sloppy stage as such.

Its so much better to prepare things and make enough for a day or two, their is so much less wastage and you can then mix it up instead of getting stuck into the same thing and boredom….

As for the milk diet, salty bovril drinks. sugar free gum to help with dental hygenie and a comfort to get the old nashers working, sugar free jelly, sugar fee milkshake and of course tonnnes and tonees of the white stuff.

Many find it easy going… see how you go and shout to keep us up to date, even if your doing well….

As long as you have some soups, yoghurts and the likes to come home too the first few days will be peachy… then you can concentrate on regular fresh fodder lol….

All the Best

Andy aka Buzz xx

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