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Re: This time next week and it will all be over!!!

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@Lelly 34172 wrote:

Don’t apologise, I was the worst for wishing my life away to get to the next stage, it is natural, we want to change our lives, to blend into the crowd and be “normal”, whatever that is. The truth is that we do have to wait and it does get us down and the “operation” becomes the centre of our world and we can think of nothing else. I have found that even being You have to come to terms with the fact that it will be months but so worth the wait. It was 4 1/2 months after sending my questionnaire in, to when I got my MDT and I know others who have waited longer. My advice is, for what it’s worth, to come on here and moan as our families do get fed up with the constant wittering that we do as although they support us, they do not understand the blinkered attitude that we have. When you have your MDT, try and exchange e-mail addresses and phone numbers with someone on your group, it really does help to have support from someone in the same situation. The Vickster on here was behind me all the way and I hope I was as helpful to her too.
Take care

Lelly x

You are absolutely right about coming on here to ‘moan’. I’m pretty certain I actually saw my family’s eyes glaze over when I was talking about things before surgery! They still do it now, which means I must still witter on about it and I had my surgery seven years ago!!

I completely get how you feel about just wanting the time to pass at the speed of light to get you to the surgery date. However, it won’t change anything. So, use the time to get mentally prepared for the massive changes that will come about in your life – some you haven’t even considered yet. Here are some of the things that changed, mentally, for me:

*Not having to justify my existence to everyone and anyone.
*Learning how to accept a compliment gracefully.
*Dealing with jealousy/envy from other people.
*Losing ‘friends’ – some people will be so jealous that they will find it hard to be around you. This is THEIR problem, not yours.
*Recognising that your very best friends will treat you exactly the same way when you are slimmer and healthier – these are the ones to invest your time and emotions on.
*Decide what to do with your life when all the ‘obstacles’ regarding your size are removed. By this I mean that you will not be able to use your size as an excuse not to do things. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true! You WILL be able to go on long walks, holidays to far flung places, run a charity race, go swimming etc. You won’t have any physical excuse not to do something you have been afraid of doing!

There are loads of other things to consider – even things like buying a new top in the supermarket when you only went in for bread and milk lol!

Come on here and witter to your hearts content because not one of us will think it is either boring or irrelevant!

Doodah x

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