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Re: The Vickster’s Op Day

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@Doodah 34485 wrote:

Hi Lelly, thanks for the update on Vickster. The poor lamb, hope she is feeling much better soon. She really should get in touch with her team. As you so rightly say, dehydration is best treated quickly.

I’m so very sorry to hear about your Father in Law’s struggle with cancer. Life really is unfair at times isn’t it?

In all of this, please look after YOU. It is so easy to neglect ourselves when we are busy looking after others or worrying for them. Wls is great but it doesn’t perform miracles unfortunately. To stay strong for others, you need to be strong yourself, so please, take good care of you.

Doodah x

I will my darling thank you, the Vickster has been in touch with Chichester and is going for an endoscopy on Wednesday, bless her she cannot keep anything down. I feel a bit guilty as I seem to have sailed through compared to her. I cannot eat in the evenings, so a hot milk or tonight a mug of soup. I am quite a healthy eater now, me! I do have a bit of fat though but healthy fat. I have milk for breakfast, some pistachios for mid morning and for lunch today I had a tablespoonful of broad bean, asparagus and mint houmous and a couple of crackers and a small stick of Cathedral Cheddar mid afternoon. Is that ok do you think, oh and the soup this evening, lentil and vegetable yum. Thank you for always being here, I am so sorry that I haven’t been there for others for awhile but I have been here in thought
Lesley xx

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