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Re: The Turning Point

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@bikerchris 32794 wrote:

Hi All,

I just wanted to take some time to post about the event that finally put me on the path to weight loss surgery, my turning point. This was one year ago tomorrow and it was the death of my Father. Now I do believe that the death of a parent makes you think about your own mortality like nothing else can, but my experience was rather different. It isn’t as though my Dad died of anything obesity related. He was a burly ex-rugby player who probably carried a stone or two that he shouldn’t but he died of cancer, In fact looking at my family, most members carry a stone or two that they shouldn’t, except me who was carrying an extra 10 stones!

The reason his death put me on this path is because of the amount of self obsession that I went through in the days and weeks that followed. I had to deal with official matters in person with banks, solicitors, funeral directors etc and I found this very difficult as I was used to only appearing in public with people I knew. Then there was also the funeral where I had to meet family and friends and all I could think of was what can I possible wear and what will people think of me. During the time that should have been dedicated to the memory of my Dad and offering support to my Mum, all I could think of was myself.

I consider myself fortunate because, although I’d been knocked back by the NHS for wls some years ago, at the time I was working for a company whose health care scheme offered a co-pay scheme where I could pay 25% of the retail cost of my bypass and they paid the rest. Streamline are their supplier and this is why I have to schlep to Harrow when I live near Manchester. I went for a consultation in February and had my op in April and the rest is history. My weight loss is just over 8 stone, I’m finding my loss is very slow now and I have to work hard for it but I feel like a new woman in every way, health, appearance, confidence and personality. And I spend much less time obsessing about myself. I am sorry that my Dad isn’t here to witness my success, I know how much he was concerned for me. But the rest of my family are so pleased for me and I know they are far less worried for me than they used to be.

This post is not intended to be morbid by talking about death, rather it feels joyful that my wonderful new life sprang from this.

Chris x

Chris I feel for you . I lost my dad 13 years ago next week and i still miss him so much , like you I wish my dad could have seen me now , I know he would be so proud of me . Iv got my mum but she never been the warm fuzzy type it was always my dad that gave me unconditional love . I believe that all the love he gave is with me still I can still hear his voice inside giving me advice !!!!!. We all have that point on our journey that says NO more I’m worth more than this . For me it was my health I was so poorly with my asthma being on steroid and antibiotics continually that I though I use my retirement lump sum to pay for WLS . I am fortunate that I qualified for NHS treatment due to my weight and health difficulties . Saying that I wish I didn’t have the healthy problems and had WLS earlier . Surgery has improved my health beyond anything I could have imagined . I was told WLS wouldn’t fix my heart valve but might the rest , and they were so right . I do wonder if I had surgery 5 years earlier would I have stopped the damage to my heart valve ? Who knows . My advice to any one watching is please don’t let your weight damage your health like I did .

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