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Re: The role of fast food in obesity

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@clairec 31073 wrote:

Thanks so much for that Julie, we must have cross posted!
Yes yesterday seeing people was tiring I think and I think I was overdoing it. Today I have had a sleep for one and a half hours and I don’t think I am feeling so washed out. Interesting, that you felt that way too. And you went out today, that is great! That must have been good.

I think I was so busy in the hospital just trying to do everything and prove that I was well enough to go home, and that didn’t help either.

Hopefully we will meet on Thurs evening.
Claire x

Visitors are lovely – for ten minutes! when I visit someone in hospital or newly discharged at home, I stay 15 mins max then leave. It is utterly exhausting for the patient. And let’s face it, what is there to say after ‘How are you?’ and ‘Do you need anything?’ Hahaha!

Slow down, take your time (however slow it might be) treat yourself with kindness and allow others to help you.

I’m so happy for you and Julie and can’t wait to see you on Thursday. However, if you are unsure about coming – please delay it. Do not push yourself harder than your body wants. It will protest later!

Doodah x

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