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Re: The role of fast food in obesity

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Hi Claire!
Well done you!!
I found that the wrench from leaving the comfort zone of the hospital, to actually getting settled back home was exhausting and I wanted to cry cos everything that I did took so very long! Frustrating!!
Guess I was having a paddy!
Day 4and 5 for me were the worst as I was tired and I had lots of lovely visitors and I just wanted to STOP! And rest. I couldn’t while guests were here talking to me- even that was exhausting!
I did not feel well at all.
So from then on I just sat wrapped up watching dvd’s and tv and got up when I could to cater or potter for myself.
That complete slowing down did me the world of good.
Claire do that for as long as you can, I ended up with a square bottom!
Then I had to do a little of something!
Today I went for a half hour walk very very very slowly( passers by must have thought I was a weird one)
I thoroughly enjoyed a bit of sunshine, then sat in a quaint tea shop and had half a cup of green tea with my husband.
The bumpy drive was not too bad and I carried my bottle of water with me wherever I went.
It must be normal to push the boundaries of what you can do, and it sounds like you have just done that!
So now draw back on yourself and relax for a few more days, and as our Doodah says- be kind to ourselves we gave just had major surgery, and your body will thank you for it!
You did it Claire, I’m delighted for you, what counts now is that we are looking after ourselves the way we have been told, the best way that we can.
Have a lovely weekend!
See you soon, Julie xx

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