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Re: The Rant & Rave Thread!

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Irene Sweetheart, thing is with this story as much as it makes you sad, anf feel being used, its your nature to please everyone and yourself last…. their is little you can do other than try not to take heart as painful as it might be.
Some of us are born to be the soft touch, to not be argumentative and to hold things together only to feel hurt, let down sad and frustrated…. its what we do…
I wouldnt change you one little bit, take some pride in what a marvelous person you are… ok shed a tear occasionally when needs be. You are so much better for not taking advantage, for biting your toungue when you know if you actually said what you thought it would spoil what little you have allready, this is because your strong, your made of better quality.. you are quality, I should know Im a quality conformance engineer….lol..

So…. move on, put the troubles behind you and try not to stew on them and let them eat you up, when the time comes you will get vengance and have the chance to say your piece…

Thinking of you and wanting you not to cry but make today the last day your stewing…. its really not productive, family will use us more than anyone and unless your prepired to change what makes you special, to actually say home home truths and upset them, then bide your time…. Their is nothing to gain right now only upset and as you have said its been a dreadful few months…

Distance yourself a little, get your self in a better place, its only natural to shut down turn off ( in this case familiy ) recharge your batteries and approach it another day when your in a better frame of mind…ok…

Makes sense 🙂

Chin Up You……. anyone of your friends will know your amazing……


Buzz xx

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