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Re: The Rant & Rave Thread!

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@Doodah 24594 wrote:


I took back yet another swimsuit to M&S yesterday. The assistant asked me why I was returning it so I replied that since I had lost a considerable amount of weight, my shape had changed and I was finding it difficult (understatement of the ruddy year!) to find one that fitted properly. She then asked me how much I had lost (some might think that rather forward) so I told her. ’15stone?? That’s amazing, how did you manage that?’ was the reply. So I told her. ‘Oh.’ was her response.

Do you get where this is heading? I had two choices. Politely retain my dignity and say nothing or defend myself and the surgery. I was in a bad mood so I chose neither. Instead I said ‘Maybe you should consider it?’, put my purse back in my bag and walked away leaving her no doubt offended. I was smiling.

Doodah x

That is fantastic! If only I could ever be so quick, that is one I’ll remember in case I ever need it 😀 Good for you for standing up for yourself 🙂

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