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Re: The problems wls can’t cure.

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@Kimberly 28448 wrote:

This is terrible and completely unacceptable , where is the compassion , it’s just discrimination , you can also contact patient liaison or the Modern matron . Ask them about their standards on dignity and do they have a dignity champion ? .
Let’s hope that this doctor learns to treat people with compassion and respect , making a stand might stop him doing this to some one else .
Love Kimberly x

Thank you Kimberly. That is the exact reason I have decided to take it as far as I can.

I have a network of support and am lucky enough to have people on whom I can rely. But what about all his patients who don’t? And his staff? I bet they put up and shut up as they are scared of losing their jobs in the current climate. That’s how bullies operate isn’t it? And that is exactly what he is. Like I said, I have become so used to working with people in the medical profession who are compassionate, kind and patient-centred that it is utterly shocking to encounter such absolute disrespect and disdain.

So, I have another fight on my hands. But at least I now have a voice. Even if I get no satisfactory result from it, I will have stood up to him and tried. In the past I would have laid down and let him walk all over me: not feeling worthy enough to stop him. If nothing else, I will have proved to myself that I have my confidence back and that I will NEVER, be the victim again.

Thank you again

Doodah x

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