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Re: The Milk Diet 18 months after bypass

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I think you could try the milk diet but as many bypassers dump on milk sugars it might not be so easy the next time around! You could try the 5 day pouch test, which also helps you get back to basics, but why not go back to the basic rules of protein first, then veggies/fruit, and then carbs Only if room and drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Lots of good protein and cut out the bad carbs. Not easy, and even harder as you are not dumping. Maybe speak to one of the dieticians for some advice…a friend of mine about the same stage as you has just gone back to Slimming World to get ‘back on track’ as she can also eat most things and has no restriction.

Both the mik diet and 5 day pouch test will help you to lose a few pounds, but you are likely to regain the weight as soon as you return to your normal eating pattern. So, trying to adopt a new eating regime would be the best approach. GI type diets are quite good as they balance blood sugars and stop/reduce carb cravings and this is what the basic bypass eating plan is based on…

Also remember that a small regain after the first 12-18 months is common, the body bounces back a little…so this could be down to your body adjusting…

Good luck, don’t panic and don’t beat yourself up, you are human!


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