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Re: The Milk Diet 18 months after bypass

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@Spikeyjaycee 16723 wrote:

Hi guys, Thanks for your replies. Mandy. the idea behind me wanting to do the milk diet again was, not for shrinking my liver, but cos I lost weight on it and it was easy enough to follow. I would only do it for a week or so just to ‘boost’ my weight loss. I am keeping up with the exercise – I walk about 2 miles a day – must turn round and head back home soon else I’ll run out of country…lol hehe!
Ruby – basically the foods I’ve gone back to are the ones that caused the problem in the first place!!! – The biscuits, sweets, cakes, choccies etc. Obviously I can’t eat the volume I used to, but it doesn’t cause any dumping!
I never thought, after going through the trauma of surgery, that I would ever be in the situation where I am considering ‘dieting’ again. I’ve got my hypnosis tape out again and play that at bedtime to try and get my mind back to the right place again but its not easy.
I feel that I’ve let myself down, Chris Pring (who did my surgery) down and the staff at St Richards. I was given a chance that alot of people would like and abused it, if that makes sense. Or am I being to hard on myself? I have lost 8 stone (although 10 pounds have gone back on), I am still healthier than I was, I can exercise, walk for miles and still buy clothes in normal chain stores rather than Evans only, so why can’t I be grateful for what I HAVE achieved rather than what I’ve failed on.
Does anyone else have these feelings, or been through what I’m going through? At this rate I shall be attending the tea party in cognito so no-one knows who I am!!
Sorry for going on and thanks for all your support.
Julie x

i realise its not cos u wanted to shrink your liver. i meant that i didnt think it was suitable as thats what its for. sorry was just trying to help 🙁
hope your ok x

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