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It really is fantastic isn’t it, just to be able to buy off the peg clothes from a normal shop, and not having to hunt to find what the largest size they sell as I now fit a more normal size, I used to buy xxxxl shirts, now after only 6 months I am buying large and I don’t look like a sausage with an ill fitting skin, if you know what I mean, for the first time ever I can tuck my shirts in my trousers with not a hint of muffin top spilling out over the top, even my new 38 inch waist trousers I bought a month ago are now too loose. It’s costing a small fortune in new cloths now, still the charity shops are doing well with all my cast offs. I even had clothes in the back of my wardrobe that where for one day when I loose weight and even those have now been disposed of.

Wish I had it done years ago, although knowing the history of WLS I am glad I didn’t as I probably wouldn’t have survived the type of surgery they where doing ten years ago so glad I didnt.

I am now looking forward to reaching my goal weight and hope to be there by Chistmass this year, 8 months from surgery to goal, what a christmass present to myself that would be.

Bye for now


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