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Re: The fight against bullying and prejudice.

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Dont worry no one is wafflling on 🙂

I have to agree that it does make you feel sad and sorry when people you love and are supportive criticize the old you even in comparison to the new you. Becasuse as you say we were that old person as well and the reasons fo rbeing the old person can still be around in other forms. I know what you say about likeing / not liking yourself I’m still very critical of myself and always attirbute my weight loss to the surgery and never give my self any credit for doing the right things to help it help me as a tool to change. Your comment of I actually feel sorry for her etc really hits home as I look back on the unhappy angry self critical person I was and I realise what a journey it has been so far and that it isnt completed by any stretch of the imagination. I find that I still have to think about cloth sizes and have only recently stopped buying a size or 2 too big on trousers. I am also critical of my some of my shape when I shouldnt be in comparison frm my starting point.

Well Im waffling now lol



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