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Re: The fight against bullying and prejudice.

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@Whitey 26459 wrote:

I totally agree with all your comments. I think we are still the same person regardless of being fat or thin and are very protective of our old selves. People don’t seem to realise how hurtful their comments can be. I was told by a ‘friend’ that I dressed very well for a fat person! I know she didn’t mean to be hurtful but how would she feel if I told her she dressed well for an old person! My most upsetting comments came from my mum during my teenage years when she would say things like “you’ve got such a pretty face….” which I always thought meant shame about the rest of you. I’m wondering if I do need some form of therapy as after losing almost 5 & a half stones I don’t feel I look much different and despite buying new smaller clothes going from size 28 to size 20 I will always pick up larger clothes to try on. It is almost like I don’t see the new me. I still have a long way to go but I feel my head is still lagging behind my body.

Hi Whitey

This is such a common problem. We lose weight so fast that it takes longer for our heads to catch up. No matter what our age or gender. I have a 29 year old male friend who has lost over TWENTY stones in four years. He still has trouble realising that he is now a slim person – very slim indeed!

I always had the ‘Oh, but you have such a pretty face…’ said to me too. I always waited for the ‘Shame about the body’. My Uncle even said to my husband whilst pointing at a pic of me (when we first starting dating) ‘Blimey, you thought you were getting this and you ended up with that.’ pointing at me. Can you believe that?! My husband just said ‘It’s the same girl you moron!’ Is it any wonder I used to feel worthless and unloved?

I would recommend therapy or counselling to everyone. I learned why I became 26 stone and a size 34. It’s a deeply personal issue and about the only thing I am unwilling to share, suffice to say, I would put money on the fact that many of you share the same reasons.

We need to all join together on this and make sure that people realise that, even though our outer self changes, our true inner self is still there and still as vulnerable.

Doodah x

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