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Re: The fight against bullying and prejudice.

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@78rpm 26103 wrote:

I have to agree and the trouble is it can be anyone who does it. Now I am a lot thinner from my op people will give me some horrible descriptions of what I used to be size wise and they dont think that it still doesnt hurt to be reminded of what I did to my self, alsowhat they must have thoughht of me but not said at the time. As with a lot of other post op bariatrics there is always that amazment that I am now the size I am and having to believe it. So I am all for peeps being told about the attitude they have to larger people. With the thought always there that they dont know why that person is larger it could be medical reason or a protection against some form of abuse or a cry for some help.

I also thank Shaw somers almost everyday for giving me the tools to help myself and improve my life and get back to where I should have been all along 🙂



Hi Jay

Why DO people think they can tell you how awful they thought you looked before – once you have lost weight?

I was once at a really swanky event full of ‘celebrities’ and sports people (I got to meet David Ginola, swoon!) for a family get together. A member of the family pipes up with ‘Doesnt Sue look fab? You should have seen her a year ago, she was absolutely enormous weren’t you Sue: no offence and all that’. I replied ‘Oh, loads taken’. She was so dull headed that she didn’t even notice what I had said and went on to list all the things I couldn’t do before. Every single person on that table was stunned and just kept looking at me to see if I was going to say anyhting else. I didn’t. I wasn’t going to qualify what she was saying.

OK, it could have been seen as a back handed compliment with no ill-intention but if I was the sensitive type, it could have ruined my whole evening. I refused to let it and decided instead to maintain my dignity. The good thing to come of it was that quite a few people later came to ask me how I did it and I got the chance to champion wls as the fantastic tool it is!

So, please be aware that even when you are nice and slim, healthy and happy, some people (even family and friends) will never let you forget how you used to be. When/if they do, maybe you should re think who you need in your life from now on 😉

Doodha x

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