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Re: “The Big Secret” or not!

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@hmb74 24655 wrote:

I told some but not all. Most of the responses have been positive. One or two people were concerned about the choice. My half sister had been on at me for years to have it done but as soon as the milk diet started she tried to talk me out of it. Go figure, lol.

The way I see it is that I am finally taking control of my life instead of giving the power to demons from the past. I had to re-programme my thinking to get to this point. For a long time I felt that having an op meant LOSING control.

I have nothing to hide. The people around me are free to reach their own conclusions. I am not responsible for how people react to anything I say or do. We’ve all been given the gift of choice. This particular choice was right for me 🙂

Beautifully and perfectly said. It IS about finally GAINING control not losing it.

I have found that almost ever obese person I have met (including myself ‘Hello Me! Nice to meet you!’) has a tale to tell of how obesity crept into their lives and tried to take it over. Obesity and ‘head hunger’ are the evil twins who set about us in a pincer movement, corralling us into a life of misery, self-loathing, ill health and unhappiness. Wls is a stick with which to beat it into submission – put it in it’s place. So, don’t allow guilt and inadequacy to take their place. You still have to work really hard to get results with surgery, so, even if you don’t go public with your decision, make sure you hold your head up high and give yourself a huge pat on the back: it’s so much easier to do after all!!

Doodah x

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