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Re: “The Big Secret” or not!

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It’s fascinating to hear everyone’s story, At first I didn’t want to tell anyone outside of my immediate family, hubby, daughter, son but when I got funding approval I was so excited I told my sister, expecting to get a ‘oh no surely you can do it on your own’ type of comment but she was so supportive it really surprised me, and it helped to have someone else to talk to about it, being a school teacher she researched it so she knew what I was talking about when we had to have our crisis/panic conversations on the phone (as she lives three hundred miles away, the phone bill got a bit large )!!!!!!, other than that I haven’t told anyone else in the family, when I told my line manager I got the ‘are you sure, can’t you do it any other way, comment but my other team mates were excellent they just wanted to know all about it but, being sworn to secrecy it was difficult to explain it properly, so I just showed them this web site and let them read it. No one else knows because, in my opinion it’s enough to cope with the surgery and all that goes with it but I didn’t want to lay myself open to the (easy option) comments, and I definitely didnt’ want to tell my parents omg I can imagine the comments.

Do I feel as if I’m lying to people, yes I do, today I saw a work colleague I hadn’t seen in ages and she remarked on my weight loss and yes I felt good but a little bit inside me felt dishonest, if anyone asks what diet I’m on I just tell them smaller plates, smaller portions, more exercise, I wish I could have done it that way but I couldn’t it’s just a fact so I got help and now, six months down the line I’m six stone lighter and feeling marvellous and there’s not a day goes by when I don’t thank all the powers for Chris Pring and all the team for their skill and expertise in giving me my life back.

So that’s my story and every day my wardrobe is getting emptier and the charity bag fuller but hey, I got my faux fur coat down from the attic last week, it’s going to fit me in time for the christmas party this year and I haven’t been able to wear it for about 26 years, I knew it would come back in fashion!!!!

Thanks for listening, I know I ramble on a bit but thanks anyway.

Lots of love

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