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Re: “The Big Secret” or not!

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Now this is a funny story!!!! 😀 I was never gonna have WLS because I just didn’t think it was for me! However a couple of years ago two very good friends of mine (who don’t know each other but they both know me!!) came to me within a few months of each other to say that they were considering bypass surgery. One decided to have her op in Belgium because she had done her research and that was the way she chose.

The other one, however, had not yet started her research but knew she had to have it done so I had known about Shaw’s work and recommended that she contact him – she did and now two years later she has a completely new body, new outlook and new job (more on that later) !!!

Now here I am at the same stage both my friends were at two years ago so I have both of them as my support as my Husband doesn’t really understand why I just can’t eat less and exercise more! Admittedly, I have told a few people that I would be having an operation on my hernia which will mean that I won’t be able to eat much afterwards but haven’t actually said that I’m having a gastric bypass!

Without my two friends and the forums I really don’t know what I would do because this pre-op journey is so up and down that some days I feel as if I’m going mad because one minute I’m all excited and looking at potential new outfits and the other i’m upset and angry at myself for not being able to do as my Husband suggests and eat less and exercise more and then I get all nervous and anxious about the actual op!!

So, publicly, thank you to my lovely friends for being there for me…

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