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Re: “The Big Secret” or not!

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Aha a proper subject for us to get our teeth into, but remember chew chew chew….

Carol, It will be a shame if some friends feel they have been mislead, whilst not telling a lie some might take it the wrong way, that you could not confide in them.
You decided not to tell for your own reasons, its a very personal thing and none of us on here would be in anyway judgemental….. People have secret surgery for all sorts of reasons and your nearest and dearest will understand why you did not want this to be common knowledge, you have a way with words, your a very intelligent women, just be honest and truthful… hopefully your fears will be unfound and everyone supports you.

Cant wait to see the site and will be very proud to say I know CAROLTHECOOK and she is AMAZING, giving what you do to everyone is remarkable, your an insperation and should be very proud of yourself.
Your an achiever, surround yourself with supporters and let the ones who want to drag you down fade away into history… with the weight you have lost, be comfortable with letting them go…..
You have not been dishonest, you have nothing to be ashamed off.

Were proud of you….
Were inspired by you…

We are here for you…

Good luck and be lucky.

And can I have a signed copy please…… I do need some ideas…. Curries and chillies makes my bottom burp too much even the dogs are going off me now….

Buzz xxx

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