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Re: “The Big Secret” or not!

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Oh dear..where do I begin… I only told my husband and daughter. For a couple of reasons 1) I didn’t want anyone to try and change my decision and give me any negative feedback 2) worried, as I work in the food world I wouldn’t get any work again. Now I am at a crossroads and the timing of this forum thread couldn’t be more topical for me. I am about to launch my new bariatric cooking website next week and publish my book in August…..which means I have to have THE BIG REVEAL!!!!!
I am breaking out into a sweat at the thought…I need to warn friends and family ahead of both events because I am hoping (fingers crossed) for some publicity. It would be awful if they found out about my surgery through some press story. Have been planning to send out a general email to all of them and wait for their response. I have been worried what this might be….I’ve had such good positive comments about my weight loss but they think I did it through ‘normal’ dieting – not that I have ever said this, but by omission maybe they will think I have misled them. I am expecting a bit of a rocky road over the next few weeks (forum members I hope will help me through this). I may lose friends (and being realistic I think I will lose one or two). However, would I change my decision? Not in a heartbeat….thankyou Shaw Somers….in my house and world you are a LEGEND! carol x

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