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Re: The big day is tomorrow

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@ali’smum 28931 wrote:

Now 2 weeks post op and drove the car for the first time today. I am feeling absolutely amazing. I have so much energy. Yesterday was up by 6 am and had hoovered and dusted downstairs and cleaned the inside of the windows before Peter got up. Pretty much the same today, although I tip-toed around him to clean the bedroom windows and didn’t start the hoover up until he was in the shower! Dresses are already too big, those which were a decent length are now maxi dresses as the fat previously keeping them up has disappeared! I can’t begin to explain how great I feel. Treeza hope all goes well with the milk diet and will keep an eye out to see how your op goes.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this post makes me. It’s everything we wish for all our patients/friends.

It’s so hard to explain to someone just how much their life will change in such a short space of time because it DOES seem almost unbelievable! I used to tell everyone at the seminars that within a month, they will already begin to feel like a brand new person and I know that sometimes they didn’t really believe me lol! I didn’t blame them as it does sound incredulous – but it’s absolutely true! Stick to the guidelines, trust the surgeon/surgery and hey presto: magic happens.

It’s not easy as the weight loss will eventually slow down and you may have to fight for the last few pounds but that can easily be resolved by choosing a realistic goal and then sticking to it. I could be a stone lighter and still not be underweight but I’m quite happy where I am as I like having a slightly fuller face at my age!

Thank you so much for this post. It has made me happy and will be so hugely inspirational for all the other newbies and those who are still deciding 😉


Doodah x

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