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Re: The answer to our prayers?

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Hi all.
Stevia is a totally natural substance made from the leaves of the stevia plant. It’s totally safe& has none of the nasty effects aspartame & other artificial or ‘chemical’ sweetners. It’s been used safely in the USA for many years. It’s been illegal to sell it here until only a couple of years ago, completely illogically however as it was a simple licensing issue.
Its bad points are that some companies still ‘process’ it so it’s not as natural as it could be & as with any artificial sweetner you are still ‘tricking’ your brain into thinking you’ve had sugar so there are potential issues (there’s limited research being done now). The other thing with it is that it still tastes like sweetner so it does put some people off. It is zero calories & carbs.
Personally, i try to avoid sugar (max 25g a day & that’s hard to do!) I choose to replace it with xylitol, it’s made from pine bark, so it’s also natural & it tastes & looks exactly like sugar. It does have a mild laxative effect so moderating it is advisable. It also still contains carbs like sugar but unlike sugar it actually promotes strong teeth.
Whatever you choose, moderation is the way forward. Even some bad things are good for you in moderation & some good things are bad for you in excess. But no matter which way you look at things aspartame is bad bad bad!
Hope this helps you guys!

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