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Re: Terrified of gettin band on 10th November

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@hides 26290 wrote:

Hi natalie + sharlotte

Well i can tell you i am sick twice a week and occasionally even more. Cant say it is nice, but it really isn’t like vommitting…… Usually you get this discomfort in you chest, and sometimes if you walk around it can go….. Sometimes you have to go to the toilet and if you cough it will come up. The discomfort i can only discribe as , “if you have ever had a boiled sweet and swollowed it whole……. ” you will get to know the feeling once you move further on with our fills .

I tell you this ladies not to scare you in anyway ,it’s just to make you aware. Our band can be our best friend but occasionally it can play games. I can eat something on 1 day and have the same the next day and 2 mouthfulls in and it doesn’t stay down . 🙁 . My biggest problem is…… Eating slowly, 1 year on and i still find it difficult to eat slow. My nurse gives me the 20/20 rule speach …… ( nothing bigger then a 20p and chew 20 times) . Having told you this , my buddy from BOSPA has only been sick twice in 15 months, so we are all different and somethimes i think i push it too far and always go for those last couple of mouthfulls ( AND I SHOULDN ‘T……. Old habbits are hard to break ) .

Best wishes

Hi Heidi

Fab post again.

My bypass likes to show me who’s boss every once in a while too, even after four years!

I was so sick two nights ago that I thought I was going to lose my eyeballs down the loo! My crime? Eating rather too tough poultry (I’m trying to re-introduce animal protein back into my diet – with little luck so far I might add) when I was freezing cold.

My body HATES digesting food when I’m cold and I haven’t eaten meat for 3 years. I’m not veggie for moral reasons (although I will never, ever eat pig flesh as I hope to one day have one as a pet and could not eat an animal that is more intelligent than my dogs!) and I don’t eat fish due to allergies, it’s just that my bypass doesn’t much care for it!

So, my little pouch decided to teach me a lesson. It worked and I will never try chicken or turkey again! I had a little more success with some almost liquidly soft slow-cooked lamb so may try that again. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, that your band/bypass is your best friend so don’t abuse it! It’s trying to help you make a better life for yourself so please listen to it.

The 20/20/20 rule is an absolute must do for us all: band or bypass. I also still never drink with a meal. We are all different but when all is said and done, the ‘rules’ are there for a reason.

Doodah x

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