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Hi Day-dream

Welcome to the friendliest forum in the world!

Wow, 4th August isn’t far away now, no wonder you are excited. I totally understand about the fear of failing (again) but believe me when I say, the future after weight loss surgery is bright (if not orange!)

I had mine 4 years ago and have never looked back. I was completely immobile, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, taking metformin and dreading opening my eyes every day. I weighed over 26st and my future was very bleak indeed. I had tried every single diet known to man and had failed on them all. Then I had a consultation with Shaw Somers….

Today I am 15st lighter, more mobile, have normal blood pressure, cholesterol and no diabetes. I work and am going on my first ever long haul flight in August. I have my life back (a better one) and a future.

I told everyone about my surgery as I knew it would focus me on being successful. Some people have been utterly supportive all the way but others have been quick to judge me and say I took the easy way out. I wish they could have my experiences of the past four years! It IS NOT easy. But it is easier. However, it is your private business and if you choose not to ‘go public’ it is absolutely your right to do so and you will get the respect and support of everyone on this forum, including me.

If you want to hear the journeys of other patients, check this out:

Hear what weight loss surgery is really like from Streamline Surgical patients

I’m the blonde woman wearing red right at the beginning!

I’m so excited for you.

Doodah x

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