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Hi Gog,

As I expected a little fraut at work. Bosses a!..
Sorry to hear about your dad, some symapathy would not have gone amiss while you greived, but no… its such a shame…

So to the point, sickness..does the company have a sick scheme? are you entitled to so much a year?
Taking annual leave to recouperate might not be necessary if you have not used up your quota… its what it is their for..
Depending on how active your job is depends on how soon you should be going back… threee weeks is the norm but I have known office staff ( no lifting ) to go back earlier.
Your company can not sack you on account of recovering from an operation, they might not pay you for your time off in which case you will be entitled to some state benefits.

Your company will benefit from the surgery as you becomme healthier and happier with your new life.
Explaining to the its for your long term future should sway it if they are feeling reasonable, dont go in all guns blazing but with knowledge about what you are doing and what happens atferwards.

Knowledge is power….

Failing that if you dont see them a letter might explain better. ( if you needs some help let me know )

Thing is gog, your new life may well see a lot of changes…. a carear move might just be one of them….

Let us know what you decide or if you need any help.

Work is a necessary evil…… thank god for bank holidays

Buzz x

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