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Hi Gog,

Reasons to tell or not to tell?

Personally I would be a lot happier for someone to know at work just in case anything happened. If its your boss and you have a good relationship then why not?
It makes me suspect things are not all rosey.
You are making this decision for medical reasons to improve your life, your standard of life and all of this will have an impact on work.
If they are aware they would keep an eye on you.
If somedays you struggle they would be more understanding… Moods swings and temper tantrums are common as it gets very emotional.
You will need time of for hospital visits and doctors (Do you intend telling lies or making excuses)
Try explaining frothing or dumping to someone who does not know… Why your being sick so often or on the toilet so frequently.

Not telling can lead to all sorts of questions from colleagues, are you unwell, are you poorely, they will see the dramatic weight loss way before you do so it could be quite awkward.
Then their is the big reveal… it will happen sometime. it has too…….

I shouted from the roof tops, and got both possitive and negative feedabck, but I’m here, happy, healthy and living the life.
All of those who were negative have eaten their words and appear happy for me….

Its a personall thing only you can decide, not every one wants to share….

Hopefully if you do confide, they will support and understand….
They will reap the benefits….. of course they will.

Buzz xx

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