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Hi Pinks,
So glad to hear it will be sooner for you… thats really great news.

Your get some dietary advice after surgery to take home, it really does differ from surgical teams.
I was on mash on day 2??? so never really needed to do the sloppy stage…. thats not to say dont get youghurts and the likes…. anything that will take little chewing ( protien based ) will be good…

Their really is an adventure with foods to come, your find yourself turning into a food label freak for a while…LMSAO…
But naturally you will begin to make healthier choices naturally….. sweet stuff is actually quite sickly…. especially after avoiding it for months.

Hopefully you will have little trouble, but remmeber one day is very different to another with GBS, your pouch will not tolerate some foods, its just a question of trial and error, everyone is different….

Your be ok though, frothing and dumping are warning signs…. their actually good for you as a deterant…
Once you have either, I doubt you will want to repeat the experience….. but dont let it stop you trying….

Concentrate on protien and fluids…. lots and lots of fluid….

Have a great chrismas….. and look forward to our shopping adventure, you need to buy something you want to get into for next christmas…. ( expect you might be wearing it in the summer though) lol….

Have a great christmas Pinks..

Oh and watch bread and grease….. anything that congeals into lumpy stuff initially…. that might hurt….. 😉

Buzz xxx

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