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Hi I went to a BBQ last night with the family I found a local Support group lovely people was nice to chat with people who have had the OP face to face and see how well they are doing. I told them about this site and how great it is 🙂

Well next Friday Pre OP assessment I’m praying :pray2: all will be fine for the op to go ahaed for the 18th Aug all the test what every they are will be fine I am so glad I’ve got my friend arriving anytime now she will keep my mind off the what ifs.

I think it’s the waiting thats the hardest thing to do so much time to think but with the kids off school I will be busy !

I’ve been thinking I better start thinking about packing the girls bags ready to stay at Nanny’s and giving the flat a good clean before I go in pack my bag and make sure I get food in for hubby 🙂 I think I def have to much time to think as it’s still 26 days to go ….lol

Anyway i’ll stop :blah:

Chat soon neenee xx

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