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Hi Fifimid, Just to echo Solucky, please try not to worry too much about your husbands reaction to this life changing event in your life. I suspect, as Solucky suggested, that he is frightened of the change it will bring to his life once you have achieved the change you desire in yours. Try to reassure him that it is your body you are trying to change for the better in a bid to live a healthier and longer life, with him. It doesn’t mean he has to change, although he probably will when he sees how active and happy you become. If it is just because he wants to ensure no other man comes sniffing around the brand new you, once again, let him know he is what you want and that you really could do with some support from him. Men (sorry Buzz!!) can be funny insecure creatures at times and often need a little reminder of how much we need them in our lives!
I wouldn’t worry too much about having your husband visit either, I actually asked my husband not to come on the second day, he came after the op to make sure it had gone OK but it would have been pretty pointless having him there again. You will want to chat to your new friends on the ward and generally get to grips with your new plumbing. You should only be in there a short time but once you get home you might need a little help to adjust to your new diet and way of eating and preparing food. That is when you could ask for his support in helping to sort out food portions and storage for the different items you will be buying. Maybe he will even want to try some of your stuff!! I doubt it though, my husband was very happy that I was back to cooking his meals in just a few days. It isn’t a problem because you won’t feel hungry, amazing isn’t it.
Anyway, sorry for prattling on, I truly hope he comes around to supporting you but if not you have us on here to vent to! Good luck on Monday, you have nothing to worry about and before you know it you will be back on here telling us all how it went.

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