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Hi Amanda, I have just started the milk diet yesterday. I must admit I was dreading it, for a start I don’t usually drink milk or milk shakes. I do have milk in tea/coffee or over cereals but that’s about it. Also I was really worried about being hungry. I know I’ve only been on it two days but so far I have had no problems. I have the milk in a pint glass and drink it slowly. I was feeling a bit hungry this afternoon but it soon passed when I had another glass of milk. I as so excited to be having my op next Thursday that I think I would willingly live of water for a week. I am crippled with arthritus and in so much pain I can barely move so I really need this op. I have tried every diet going but can’t keep the weight off for long. So I’m pinning all my hopes on this and will follow their instructions to the letter. As Carol said they will tell you what you can and can’t have whilst on the milk diet when you go to your pre-op but you can have tea/coffee with sweetners so long as the milk you use comes out of you 4 pint allowance and you don’t have it too strong. You can also have sugar free Crusha, fat free yogurts and suger free jelly but I haven’t done that because I’m afraid if I taste a flavour I may want more or want something more substatial so I’m just sticking to the milk. The pre-op is certainly nothing to worry about. I had mine at St Richard’s Chichester and everyone was very friendly, helpful and informative. I’m sure it will be the same for you. Good luck!

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