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Ms Ellie

@awenlock 16203 wrote:

Well I had to phone my surgeons secretary this morning as when I went for my pre op last week the dr there said I had to come off my sulphasalazine tablets which are for arthritis.

I spoke to my rheumatology nurse this morning and she said that I wasn’t to stay off my tablets for too long so could I find out approx waiting time.

So I phoned and she has told me that unfortunately June and July are booked up but that she is doing up the August list at the end of the week so I should prepare myself for being dated for then.

I can’t believe it, I have been on this path for almost 3 years and now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, obviously I will feel more secure once I have that letter in my hand but it’s definitely positive news for me.

Hi there awenlock welcome I hope you find all that you are looking for on here and that we can support you on your journey to slimville! 3years is an awful long time to wait, my friend has finally got a date for September this year and she has been waiting 5 years!!! Still, main thing now is to prepare yourself as it won’t be long before august is with us and your journey to slimville begins.

Good luck and keep us posted

Ellie xxx

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