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Aha Dizzy me little bundle,
The fears of surgery…. we all have them. Im a pretty old hat at surgery, I have had a few now so I expect I am a little less worried about the consequences and see it as a very good sleep….
You will come around of course you will….. it will be bleeps and nurses fussing around… your be trussed up like a mummy…your want a cup of tea…. GOD DID I WANT TEA….. I begged and pleaded,but no joy…..

You say your huge? typical obese talk, I was the same. We were cuddly… just in the near future people will get to hugs all of us and not just the front bits… its not going to be their arms stretching its going to be you shrinking…..

Consider this sweetheart….. initialy GBS for you is for health reasons, I think we all wake up and think what the hell am I doing to myself, Im going to end up having all sorts of heart conditions, Im killing myself…. Think we all have that fear…Its time to make a difference.
Your health will improve, and the bonus is weight loss….

Mark my words huney, after a short recovery, a little bit of effort in the early days you will feel like a new women.
After that you will look like a new women… its an awesome journey.
Has its emotional times, god I get emotional, moody ratty, quick tempered but it is all part of the journey… just rely on us when you need us and we will get you through.

Your amoungst proffesionals.

Your about to perform miracles beyond your wildest dreams… in 6 months people wont recognise you…what a hoot that is..

but best of all……… ready for this……

You will have the life you so desreve….. an awesome life….

You will wake up…… no doubt about it……
And when you do.. listen… your here a buzz…..

TOO SLIMFINITY SWEETHEAT…. too slimfinity and beyond..

Best of Luck

Buzz xxx

That will be £5 please ha ha ha… I really should change my job….lol

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