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Hi everyone, it is 8.20pm and i can’t wait to go to bed so i can start my last Thursday on this horrid diet and my last Thursday as a pre-op.
Im feeling worried about the actual op, which i guess is natural, but im also worried that i won’t know when im full after the bypass, that may sound silly i know, but i am.
Im worried that i might never enjoy a real meal again.
Im missing food alot, and today almost caved in to temptation, but thought to myself that i really wanted my operation and had to be strong.
I didn’t realise just how boring it would be, or how hard, and have been wishing the days away………. “please let it be Friday”
By i feel shattered, and could just get into bed, but i don’t feel as hungry as i thought i would, which has surprised me, i just feel bored with what i can have, and would sooner not have anything, so im having to force myself. I did the soup and yogurt diet one day, but found i could only manage 3 tins of soup instead of 4 and the same with the yogurt, as it made me feel sick.
Tonight im sitting with a glass of milk, and struggling to drink the full 5 pints, ive so far managed about 3 half pints.
I think ive lost around a stone, but cant be sure as we all know all scales weigh differant, so im going to wait untill Saturday when im admitted. Ive never done a diet and managed to stick to it 100% like i have this one, and i have everything crossed that all will be ok as i could’t bear to do this again.

Yasanne :tape:

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