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Re: Surgery on 13th Jan

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@loulou19 32996 wrote:

Hi Everyone

I am having a gastric bypass at the Clementine Churchill Hospital on the 13th January. My surgeon is Guy Slater.

I have been lurking about this site for a while and decided I really should join and share my journey. I go between excitement and nerves on an hourly basis. When excited I think about being healthier and buying smaller clothes, and in the moments of nervousness I wonder why I would put myself through this – I then look in the mirror and my question is answered. lol

Pre op diet started yesterday (high protein, no carbs, vegetables as I don’t tolerate milk very well).

best wishes to you all

Oh how lovely, you lucky girl, just a few days to go. Of course you will have nerves, as no matter how much research we do, it is still venturing into the unknown. On the other side however, you have got the chance to rewind and start again and live your life healthier and happier, what a gift! I wish you, along with everyone else on here, all the best for your operation and we look forward to hearing about your journey. Are you private or NHS? My friend had Guy Slater as her surgeon and says that he is lovely. So happy for you

Lelly x

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