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@kellyb 33967 wrote:

Hi I’m new too this forum .

I’m having Gastric Bypass sat 4th July , I’m excited , but starting to get very nervous !

I’m on day 10 of the milk diet, which has been going well except for being constipated!!

How long does everyone tend to have off work after there operation? I’ve been told 2 weeks , but has anyone found they need longer ?

I’m worrying about when I’m on the operation table how they transfer me to the ward etc

Does anyone know of group meetings in Portsmouth ?

I’m currently living with my older sister , as I’m also in the process of buying my first house! And it looks like maybe exchanging contracts soon as well ! Hopefully I can delay while I’m recovering , but I feel alkward in here kitchen and worrying again about preparing some pots up for myself ! She’s blended some chilli up for me , but panicking , can I buy tinned soups to blend for a while so I’m not a bother ?? Like pea and ham , chicken ??

Thanks Kelly

Hi Kelly and welcome to the friendliest forum.

I have answered your questions on another post you made. Here is what I said:

“They will probably ask you to walk to the theatre as it get the blood flowing, heart pumping and lungs working. As for pain, it will be very well controlled in the early stages so don’t worry about that. Your blood tests show how important it is to stay hydrated all the time. I have ‘baby’ veins so always drink at least a pint of water before having a blood test (and even then they have to resort to getting it out of my hands or feet.)

I run a support group in Gunwharf Quays, every third Thursday in the Holiday Inn Express – The Nelson Room on the ground floor by the lift. Please be assured of a very big welcome both from me and the other members should you wish to come along. It’s fully accessible now that the lift is working again!

Think the first link might be playing hide and seek today so have put two links 🙂

The next ones are on these dates:

Thursday 16 July
Thursday 20 August
Thursday 17 September
Thursday 22 October
Thursday 19 November
Thursday 17 December

All start at 19:30 until 21:30

Hope this is helpful!

Doodah x”

I would suggest you don’t eat tinned soup in the early stages – they are FULL of hidden sugars, fat and salt. I started with mashed potato with grated low fat cheese or zizzed up healthy home cooked food with plenty of liquid added to soften it

These books by Carol ball are fantastic with suggestions and instructions for every stage of wls:

Her Bariatric Portion Plate is a must for later on. I use mine every day!

Hope this is helpful. No doubt the other wise and wonderful people on this forum will be able to give you far more info. I’m almost 7 years post wls and things have changed quite a bit!

Such an exciting (if a bit stressful) time ahead for you. Please try to postpone your move – you need to focus on YOU for a while.

I say it to everyone and mean it every time – Just for once in your life put yourself first – and be kind to yourself.

Doodah x

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