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Re: Surgery 4th July!!

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@kellyb 34055 wrote:

Thank you doodah and Chris

I ve chucked up my wheetabix , as I tried to eat it but I could never stomach the stuff ! And because I chucked it up I had a little panic !
Then I gave myself my first injection ! And just had a shower and washed my hair , I feel slightly better for it , can you give me other ideas for breakfast as I really don’t like wheetabix , porridge or custard

Thanks kelly x

Hi Kelly.

Don’t panic. You may find it hard to eat as slowly as you need to at first. In the early days, it’s very much about tiny, tiny amounts, well spaced out. I used a mustard spoon for the first few weeks! Also, make sure it is really runny. Also, don’t worry about what is ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ food. Simply eat what you can, when you can. I have porridge for my lunch every day even now.

Fat free yoghurt is good but be careful of what you add to it as some fruits contain lots of natural sugars. Protein is your best friend at this stage as you need it for healing. If, at any time, you feel worried call your team. They will be able to advise you on what is best for you. I’m neither a clinician or a dietitian so I’m not qualified at all to give you advice. All I can say is what works for me. However, we are all so different that it might not be the right thing for you to do.

One thing I do know is – make sure you stay hydrated – especially in this hot weather. Dehydration can make you feel quite nauseous. Its very early days yet so make sure you look after yourself. It WILL get better 😉

Doodah x

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