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Re: Surgery 4th July!!

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@treeza 34149 wrote:

Aww Kelly & Lelly
I’m so glad you are both now home. If I can give one tip it would be slow & steady wins the race! This is a marathon not a sprint. If you try do too much too soon you’ll make yourself feel unwell.

Lelly I’m so glad the op went well. Gosh you must have done so well to be out in 2 days. Please take care & follow instructions to the T. If it’s time to move in to the next stage & you struggle then take a step back and try again another day.

Kelly it must have been very scary. I’m so glad to hear all it ok now & You’re home. What a relief. Now take care.

Remember to keep sipping those fluids, stop at least 20 to 30 mins prior to eating & after eating. Listen to your bodies & rest when you need to. Most if all as Doodah always says Be kind to yourself x

Oh & Kelly I think hot tub & sauna may make you feel unwell at this stage so just be careful. X you also should drive until you’re able to safely do an emergency stop.

HAPPY HEALING & welcome to the losers bench.

Thank you lovely Treeza xx

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