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Re: Surgery 4th July!!

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@Vickster 34225 wrote:

Being kind to ourselves, that is something that so many of us seem to have so much trouble with isn’t it? Us Human Beans are funny old things aren’t we?!

You are absolutely right!

When I used to do seminars for Streamline, I always said two things at every one – ‘Be kind to yourself’ and ‘Just for once in your life, put yourself first’. I meant it every single time and I still do. I think there is an element of not caring for ourselves with all wls patients. We spend so much time helping others that we forget (or don’t leave enough time in the day) to do the same for ourselves!

Be as kind to yourself as you are to others. It sounds so simple and easy doesn’t it? It isn’t. But we need to break the habit of never looking after ourselves as much as we do those we care about. We all have people who love us. It must be SO hard for them to see us punish ourselves every day, in the mistaken belief that food is a comfort.

Anyway, I’ve gone completely over the top – AGAIN!! What I’m trying to say is – love, value and care for yourself. I think you are all bloomin fabulous. So there! 😉

Doodah x

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