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Re: Surgery 19th November – Emotional

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@lynne903 26086 wrote:

I have only told close family and my best friend in having the op so would love to stay in touch with people who are going through the same. I’m on the pre op diet now, as far as I can tell there are different variations depending on where you have it done. I chose the very low fat, high protein one over the milk as I thought I’d be able to stick to it better. I’ve lost 10lb in the first week with 1 more week to go. I have been hungry but I’m trying to distract myself from that! I had my pre op yesterday and my bariatric nurse said its really important to do the diet as the idea is to shrink the liver to make the surgery easier and reduce the risk of complications. She said that my surgeon cancelled one woman’s band op last week as she didn’t do the diet and didn’t lose any weight. To me it’s not worth taking the risk. Here’s to our new beginning! x

Hi Lynne.
Thanks for sharing. I start the pre op diet on Monday. I had a major panic attack (so not like me) the other night thinking bout the band and was on the verge of cancelling. Was just so scared. have you felt like this at all? On a very positive note one month ago I weighed 19 stones. Weigh in yesterday I was 17.12 so really happy with that and my tightest trousers now fit perfectly 🙂 Excited!! Would love to stay in touch! How you getting in with pre op diet? Thinking if you loads!! Can pm you my email if you like? Xxx oh btw I’ve only told my sisters, mom, partner and best friend 🙂 x

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