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Re: Surgery 19th November – Emotional

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@flabulous 26067 wrote:

Hi everyone.
I am being banded on the 19th November after years of battling my weight and ending up with health problems as a result. I’m 35 years old yet feeling years older as I’m exhausted from dragging myself around. My partner and I spent some time trying to have a baby and last year I was told due to my pcos that it would never happen. We rescued a very badly abused dog and threw our energies into him and I was pregnant weeks later 🙂 The pregnancy was very tough and uncertain but our beautiful daughter arrived this year and we feel incredibly lucky to be blessed with her. As a direct result of my weight and pcos I developed diabetes when pregnant which I still have. More than ever I feel exhausted and unwell not to mention joint pain so bad I’m limping around most days. So with this in mind and after battling the bulge for 25 years I’ve made the decision to go ahead with the band after researching it for months. I do not want my baby to see me struggle in this way as it’s one of my biggest fears she will grow up with self confidence issues if she sees me struggle like this everyday.
My weight 2 weeks ago was 19 stones. Today I weigh 18.2 stones as I cut out all the “bad” stuff (I am a sugar and fast food addict). My pre op diet starts in one week from today and I will be banded three weeks from today.
What I’m finding is that while I’m absolutely thrilled to be going ahead with my band, I am also very emotional about it. These feelings range from sadness to feeling ecstatic and from nervous to being terrified. Is anyone else feeling this way? There are no support groups that I can find here in Ireland and I would love to chat to others in the same position….

Hi Sylvie

Wishing you good luck for tomorrow it will all be over before you know it.

Best wishes

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