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Re: Surgery 19th November – Emotional

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Don’t worry too much over your nerves, we have all been down that rought, wondering if this is the right thing to do, how will I cope afterwards, will I be able to cope, will I regret having it done. We have all done that seen the film and got the T Shirt. I had my bypass 8 months ago and it has been the best thing ever, I have gone from 21 stone to 14 and a half which for a bloke over 6 foot tall is almost at target in 8 months, which is a million times better than any diet I have been on, and like everyone else I have been on loads of diets in my 54 years. Even my BMI is now only a tad away from no longer being over weight and as I said all this in only 8 months.

For me WLS has been the best thing ever and I am sure it will be the same with you, just look forward to all those new clothes you will be buying and being able to just walk into any shop and find something that fits. This is things only dreams where made of before surgery.

Just remember, WLS is only a tool, you do have to work with it to get the best out of it, don’t cheat or even try to cheat, read all the info given to you by your surgical team and stick to it, if they say something might make you ill if you eat or drink it, then don’t even try it, as you might find you are in the small group who can eat or drink the items and not be ill, then what will stop you.

Stick to the rules, enjoy what you can eat and drink and your surgery will work wonders and you will wish you had it done years ago.

All the best for your surgery and your new life afterwards, and don’t forget any questions and we are here to help, so ask away, and remember the only daft question is a question not asked.


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