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Re: Support contact details for Streamlines NHS Patients

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Hi Paul,
What you have symtoms you are getting are what I have been having, went to my GP who to start with put me on a low carb diet which helped but they still continued, I have been referred back to St Richards to Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine Clinic as they seemed to think that it a malabsorbation problem and could be linked to WLS, I have my appointment on the 5th of November, might be worth going to see your GP again and ask to be referred as well. I do believe you are from my neck of the woods, I am in Margate and the QEQM didn’t want to know and said it would be better if I went back to St Richards, my GP has spoken to the team at St Richards and they are more than willing and as they said they have the bariatic team on hand if they need to ask questions.
Hope this helps. I first thought it was blood pressure or something wrong with my bloods but all was ok. I am just recovering from a viral/tummy bug that I picked up last week, I have found that since I have had the bypass if I get one of those it takes ages to shift and the tummy to settle down again, I know I only have about a stone to to lose before I hit target but I have lost nearly 10lb over this last week. I have been putting good bacteria into my system and today is the first day all is good in bowl department lol.
Go back to your GP and get a referral, but I will let you know how I get on when I go back down on the 5th.
Elaine x

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