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Re: Success with band

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Hi Natalie.

When you say you have lost very little, how much are we talking about? You probably know already that bandsters have a longer journey than bypassers so I won’t go over that again lol! You are very much the tortoises of the weight loss journey. Having said that, I have a very dear friend (who won’t mind me saying that she is not a youngster) who lost 11st with a band in roughly the same time as it took me to lose 15. we were in hospital together and have remained lifelong friends. I also know people who have lost upwards of 10st with a band but very, very slowly. That’s the key with a band – to be patient and keep on going.

If you are still hungry after a fill, might I suggest contacting your dietitian? It might be that you need to add more protein to your diet as this is what keeps us fuller for longer. Also, please be mindful of drinking plenty of water throughout the day: this helps also. If you have lost a reasonable amount of weight since November then I think you need to re-think what is a reasonable goal to set yourself. Do NOT gauge yourself ‘against’ a bypasser – you will only put too much pressure on yourself. Here is a little message from Mr Shaw Somers:

Tip of the day about your gastric band by Shaw Somers, Streamline surgical, – YouTube

A very good tip indeed!

Hope this helps.

Doodah x

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