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Re: Success with band

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@Mands 27425 wrote:

I’m due to have a band fitted a week today and I think you have to go into having a band done with the mindset that its going to be slow … I think slow weight loss is better for the skin ??? Ie saggy skin afterward as you have more chance of exercising and pulling whatever you can back in ?? I might be wrong but losing weight fast like a bypass will make you initially can’t be great for the loose skin afterwards … Maybe I’m wrong lol … I have thought long and hard about what op to have and the main thing is that in the long run it is the same weight loss for both options so I have decided to stick with having the band done as its just not as invasive as the bypass and I think it will be easier to work with and less restrictive which means you still have some choices . I know this probably isn’t helping you Natalie but you had reasons for choosing the band over the bypass so stick to them all banders lose weight eventually from what I have read

Take care and good luck with your next fill!

Mands xxx

Such a brilliant post. I had to have a bypass as I was so poorly I had to shift my weight as quickly as possible. I exercised as much as I physically could but have still had to have plastic surgery to remove approx 1 stone of excess skin. It’s quite possible that a slower weight loss would have reduced my excess skin but I wasn’t in a position to gamble my life on it.

Whichever wls you choose has to be the right one for YOU. We are all so very, very different both in terms of our issues and physiology that it is fabulous that we have a choice of procedures for which to opt. And you are right, Mands, we do all lose the weight in the end, by sticking to the guidelines, using the tool given to us, seeking help and support when needed and being kind to ourselves. Realistic goals mean less chance of disappointment too.

Doodah x

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