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Re: struggling on milk diet!!!!!!

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@chunkyem 29946 wrote:

So I’m on day 5 of milk diet. I’ve been feeling down for 2 days and today woke up feeling weak, tierd, and don’t wanna face anyone or anything. I’m in bed just laying here. I made a pint of milj and a cup of tea and don’t want to drink it. I dont want anything. Please help and tell me this is normal!!

Hi Chunkyem

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. It WILL pass. Your body has been forced into accepting less food and is having a tantrum. That will also affect your psychological well being. It WILL pass. Unfortunately being cold won’t. On facebook I am notorious for moaning about how cold I am! So much so that people have knitted me hats, mittens and scarves to try to shut me up lol!

Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to feel fed up and hard done by for a few days. then start to imagine how wonderful your new life is going to be. Imagine moving more freely and at a quicker pace, having more energy, never feeling hungry, looking forward to holidays where you won’t be melting, walking into a room and not being stared at unless it is to marvel at how fabulous you look, how healthy you will feel and how positive your future will look.

Please let me know how you are doing today. If you are no better, I seriously suggest you call your team to discuss it with them. Remember one thing – weight loss surgery is not the magic wand the media portrays it to be. It is a tool with which you can build a happier healthier and (hopefully) longer life for yourself and your family.

Doodah x

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