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Reply To: struggling on milk diet!!!!!!

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@chunkyem 29975 wrote:

Hi Ladies
Thankyou for all your replies it has been great reading them. Your all wondertful women and very caring!!!

Well I feel much better today because I have been making sure I have been drinking all my milk like a good girl lol. Not only that but yesterday I went for my pre-op assesment and I am well on my way to my new life which starts friday if not last week. Seeing as I am going in to surgery friday morning I thought I might go late night shopping thursday night and treat myself to some beauty treats, magazines and some nice PJ’s. I have ordered myself a shake and smoothie blender and a recipe book from Amazon. Can any of you fabulous ladies recommend any foods that helped you post op and any recipes?? I am soooooo excited now and looking forward to friday like it was christmas.

Wilkin47 I am thinking of you too as you only have 2 days to go how exciting!!!

Thanks again ladies and good luck everyone xxx

Hi Chunkyem (you are going to have to change your name soon!)

Good for you for treating yourself to some little luxuries – do it regularly so that you don’t feel like you are ‘missing out’ on anything.

My absolute savior post op food wise was mashed potato with low fat cheese and mustard grains. Totally delish comfort food. If you are on facebook, one of our past patients, Jill Barlow, has a group called ‘Bariatric Food Porn’ with literally thousands of tried and trusted bariatric recipes that other wls patients have tried and trusted – including me! Just request to join the group. It is a closed one so no one can see what you are writing if you don’t wish anyone to know you are having wls.

Also, there are two books, also by a past patient – Carol Ball – available to buy online. She does a free monthly newsletter via email too. RETURN TO SLENDER COOKBOOK IS HERE | Carol

Also, here is the link to the Bariatric Megastore – sugar free heaven Bariatrics megastore

I have to say, that I think the people on this forum are truly wonderful. It is my job to ensure that people feel welcomed and supported on here but it is also my passion!

Christmas is coming early for you!

Doodah x

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